Megabucks Monaco – A Frightening Prospect

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It all happened so suddenly.

A few farfetched rumours here and there; surely nothing too serious or concrete.

And then boom – Monaco announced to the world just how serious they actually are.

The footballing world had seen similar situations transpire. The scars of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are still fresh, unclosed wounds for some.

But even for those two clubs, success and reputation had a gradual build-up. Footballers still needed prospective clubs to have some form of success before they joined, didn’t they?

Manchester City started with Roque Santa Cruz and Gareth Barry – the Silva’s and Aguero’s only came later.

Likewise, Gameiro was the prelude to Ibrahimovic at PSG.

But Monaco have obliterated that illusion.

Falcao, Rodriguez, Moutinho, Carvalho – they must like Liga Sagres alumni – it took mere days for Monaco to go from a distant possibility to an in-your-face superpower.

Before you could blink your eyes, Monaco went from Ligue 2 champions to potential favourites to conquer Ligue 1.

In Falcao, they’ve acquired the deadliest striker on the planet, and with his former teammates Moutinho and Rodriguez reuniting with him, creating and scoring goals will come far too easily for the French side.

Scarier yet, is that they have shown no signs of slowing down.

They’ve signed more quality players – Toulalan, Isimat-Mirin and Abidal have all been added – and are still being linked with a plethora more.

Monaco’s meteoric rise is a scary thing for football. Yes, other clubs have bought their way to success, but none have shown their intent as rapidly and in such jaw-dropping fashion as Monaco have.

They will be one to watch over the next few seasons and have indeed become a frightening prospect; not only as a squad of talented players, but also as a symbol of the power of money in modern day football.

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