Where Next for David Beckham?


Image from bbc.co.uk

The final whistle of Saturday’s Major League Soccer cup final brought the Los Angeles Galaxy their second consecutive triumph, beating Houston Dynamo both times in the final.

Last year was special for LA; the Galaxy finally lifted the trophy that many think their star players were always destined to win, with big names like Landon Donovan and especially David Beckham gracing the MLS as the Galaxy attempted to dazzle the league.

And last year they received the coveted prize.

Beckham was instrumental in that, scoring twice and assisting an incredible 16 times throughout the course of the 11/12 season, capturing the form that his hype had yet to produce.

But Beckham came through at the vital time, leading LA’s assault to the MLS Cup last year as he finally won what he so badly wanted to.

Despite the significance of last year’s victory though, it will be this year that meant the most to Beckham.

Beckham scored eight goals and assisted six this year for LA, and his form was again instrumental in his team’s attempt to win the cup for the second year running.

Prior to the final, Beckham announced his intentions to leave LA after the match. This would conclude a five-year spell in the MLS that was originally met with an incredible amount of hype and expectations.

His early years weren’t the most fruitful; Beckham was the subject of abuse from many fans, with his interest in the league looking like it had taken a backseat.

But he proved his doubters wrong. These last two seasons have been the best of a man who has shown that he still has an immense amount of talent, even in the twilight of his career at the age of 37.

So when this year’s cup final ended 3-1 for LA, it was the perfect end to Beckham’s five-year spell at the club. He overcame the initial struggles to become Galaxy’s catalyst, and he did so to devastating effect.

Beckham’s entire career has been highlighted with stardom. He was the face of Manchester United before he left in the summer of 2003 to Real Madrid, where he became one of the side’s galáctico superstars.

His move to LA from Madrid in the summer of 2007 was met with a media frenzy – the world’s most well-known footballer was joining Major League Soccer. The impact was immense; Beckham increased the profile of the Galaxy and of the MLS in general.

Throughout his time with LA, Beckham also spent two loan spells at Italian side AC Milan (another massive club) during the MLS off-season.

He has now played in major clubs in England, Spain, Italy and the USA, but it seems that David Beckham is not done yet.

Nobody knows where next for Beckham – Paris Saint-Germain? Queens Park Rangers? Australia?

The names being thrown about are endless, but the truth is that only Beckham will know where his next destination is.

And so as his Galaxy career came to a close Saturday night when LA lifted the MLS cup for the second time running, it was fully deserved when the LA fans burst into a defeaning “Thank you Beckham” chant.

Beckham has spent his career as both a footballer and as a celebrity, both of which impacted Major League Soccer in tremendous fashion, but he seems like he has one more move in him yet.

At the age of 37, Beckham is well past his prime. But he would still be a fantastic addition to many teams around the world.

So where next for Beckham? Only he knows what the future holds, but we will be here waiting with anticipation as always.

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